Staticman comments on a Jekyll site

Generating comments on static sites with Staticman.

Adding HTTP response headers to a Netlify static website

Increase the security of your Netlify website by adding security headers.

Syntax highlight with Rouge in Jekyll

Enable syntax highlighting in your site.

Page specific assets in Jekyll

How to set a custom CSS or JS for each page.

Jekyll reading time without plugins

The reading time indicator for your website.

How to add an RSS feed to a Jekyll blog

Generate an Atom (RSS-like) feed of your Jekyll posts.

Top plugins for Wordpress websites

Wordpress plugins that I deem as a necessity for everyone.

Install Jekyll on Mac OS

How to install Jekyll using Homebrew.

Displaying GitHub Gists in Jekyll sites

A Liquid tag for Jekyll sites that allows embedding Gists.

Showing the word count in Jekyll

Obtaining the word count from a post in Jekyll.

Custom 404 page for Jekyll on Github pages

Serve custom 404 error pages with Jekyll.

Redirect Jekyll URLs

How to Redirect Pages in Jekyll.

Creating navigation menu in Jekyll

Using data folder to build Jekyll navigation.

Structured Data markup validation and testing tools description structured data helps you to highlight specific information for search engines and to improve the way your page displays in SERPs.

Top monospaced fonts for coding

A good choice of font for your coding can make a huge difference and improve your productivity.

Places where you can learn how to code

Options to learn to code online.

CSS hacks you may not know

This is a collection of short CSS snippets I thought might be useful for beginners.