Hi, I’m Ron!

I’m a multidisciplinary developer, designer and digital advertiser. My professional skills range from front and back-end development to digital marketing. My developer background and marketing experience gives me the right mindset to create and optimize data driven digital marketing experiments to target companies. With more than 15 years experience in the web industry I have worked for a wide range of clients, from brands and agencies to small private companies, both locally and internationally.

I’m passionate about writing clean, functional code and creating unique digital experiences, with a focus on accessibility and performance.

To keep updated with my work, follow me on Twitter, Dribbble, Github or Codepen. Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter, or, if you really hate me, via email at ronalds dot vilcins at gmail dot com.


This website has been my online home for many years, manifesting at times as a blog or a portfolio until landing on this current single column site. It’s designed and coded on a Macbook Pro. Built with static site generator Jekyll and hosted on Netlify.